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Vertical Two Tie-Bar injection Molding Machine

Finished Products


  • Vertical direct hydraulic clamping system is designed for accurate, safe operation, especially suitable for insert molding.
  • With double slide table or rotary design, put in, takeout products and molding finish at the same time, which is more safe and efficient for production, then reduce the cost of production.
  • High precision mold platen (Parallelism/flatness:0.01/100mm), heavy duty tie bars, and low pressure mold clamping work together to greatly extend machine & mold life.
  • Nitride and NIP/Nitroflon coated screws and barrels are long-lasting, robust and provide superior acid/alkaline resistance.
  • Heavy duty double cylinder injection unit is maintenance friendly and free of oil leaks.
  • All series adapted Variable pump +PQ valves enable energy savings of 30~50%.
  • Proportional hydraulic control system provides low noise, low energy consumption, and smooth machine movements with durable life.
  • Low oil temperature, durable parts, high speed injection, and quiet operation.
  • Controller can record the production conditions such as temperature, pressure, flow, position available on the panel, reducing adjust of machine.
  • All machine with compact, space-saving design, reduce the heavy burden of the floor of factory.

Vertical Hydraulic Clamping System

Vertical Hydraulic
Clamping System

Energy Saving

Energy Saving

More Working Space

Working Space

Small-volume Large-variety Production

Large-variety Production

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