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Think Green

KING'S SOLUTION CORP. complies with local environmental legislation based accordingly on global environmental guidelines.

Think Green

Valued Employee

King’s Machinery actively leads our customers and suppliers to develop green business practices and protect our environment. At the same time, we are willing to share our environmental protection strategies with others in both industry and academia in hopes of working together to face the challenges of the changing environment.

Family  Day

KING'S SOLUTION CORP. believes that a stable family life helps employees to have confidence in company. Employees are encouraged to enjoy having family time outside of work.

KING'S  SOLUTION CORP. received from society, feedback to society.

KING'S SOLUTION CORP. received from society, feedback to society. We donated stationary to Pao-Yo Foundation for people in need of help in Partial Township in Nantou city during our family-day-trip.

The founder of KING'S SOLUTION CORP. -Mr. Su Chung De, invited to be the visiting professor in Chen Hsin University of science and technology, instructing students and sharing experience.