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Become a KING's Authorized Regional Agency and Embrace Green and Sustainable Innovation

KING's, a globally renowned manufacturer of Low-Pressure Injection Molding (LPM) machinery, cordially invites you to join our ranks. We are dedicated to developing environmentally-friendly technology while deeply valuing the importance of environmental sustainability, with a specific focus on low-pressure waterproof sealing processes. Our Low-Pressure Injection Molding technology is at the forefront of a revolutionary era, applicable to various global sectors including electric vehicles, medical devices, and PCB waterproof sealing for the electronics industry. In our pursuit of expanding our global footprint and delivering top-tier service to customers, we are actively seeking Authorized Regional Agency who share our common vision and values.

Why Become a KING's Authorized Regional Agency?

Environmental Commitment:

KING's is not merely a machinery manufacturer but a practitioner of green and sustainable development. Our Low-Pressure Injection Molding solutions align with ESG, aiding in reducing carbon emissions and environmental impact. Joining us means becoming a champion for environmental responsibility.

Comprehensive Support:

As a KING's Authorized Regional Agency, you will benefit from our comprehensive support system. We offer training, resources, and specialized technical knowledge to help you excel in your role. Our commitment to your success is unwavering.

Strategic Marketing:

You can leverage our corporate digital marketing and promotional materials to reach your target customer base more effectively.

High-Quality Warranty Service:

KING's is committed to delivering high-quality products. Together, we provide top-notch service to customers to ensure the longevity and reliability of our machinery. Our commitment to excellence runs through every aspect of our partnership.

Prestigious Brand:

Collaborating with KING's signifies partnering with an esteemed brand renowned for excellence in the field of Low-Pressure Injection Molding machinery. Our reputation for quality and innovation has earned the trust of customers worldwide.

Qualifications for Becoming a KING's Authorized Regional Agency

To become a KING's Authorized Regional Agency, your company should meet the following criteria:

1. Passion for Environmental Sustainability: You should embrace environmental sustainability and have a desire to promote innovative processes to customers, assisting them in implementing green solutions.

2. Technical Competence: Your background should encompass mechanical and electrical services, along with practical experience in injection molding machinery technology. Your technical expertise is crucial in providing excellent service to customers.

3. Sales Team: Your company should have a dedicated sales and technical service team, as well as an established local presence. The professionalism and technical prowess of your team will be key to your success as a Agency.

4. Market Familiarity: You should have an understanding of your local electronics industry market and relevant connections. Understanding customer needs will aid in providing tailor-made solutions.

Initiate Your Collaboration

If your company meets the above qualifications and shares our commitment to excellence and sustainability, we encourage you to send your company profile to [email protected]  for further discussion. At KING's, we highly value collaboration and are committed to driving success, innovation, and sustainable development in the machinery industry.

Join us in shaping the future of injection molding technology. Become a KING's Authorized Regional Distributor and be a part of creating a greener and more sustainable tomorrow!

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