5 Basic Guides of Low Pressure Molding System to Overmold Electronics

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What is a Low Pressure Molding System?

Low Pressure Molding System is a new way and technology to overmold electronics faster, safer and greener! It is a reliable solution for overmolding PCB or circuitry. Its process takes just 15 to 60 seconds and the materials used are environment friendly. The Hot Melt Low Pressure Molding Machine parameters are easily set and operated. For these reasons, the Low Pressure Injection Molding System is increasingly being chosen as an alternative to encapsulation processes.

How Does Low Pressure Molding System Work ?

Low Pressure Molding Process System (LPM) involves loading unprotected PCBs and cable assemblies or other fragile electronic parts into a precision mold , and then filling the cavity with appropriate low pressure molding materials, such as polyamide and polyolefin (hot-melt). The resin and material effectively cover the component in the desired shape, producing a sealed and protected product that can be immediately handled and tested.

Process of Low Pressure Injection Molding System - only 3 Steps

Below is the sequence of images illustrating a typical 3-Step encapsulation using a low pressure molding process (LPM Process).

Step 1 : Insert

Insert the electronic parts into the cavity ( 5-10 seconds loading time).

Step 2 : Overmolding

Overmolding by LPM Low Pressure Molding Machine , cycle time about 15-60 seconds.

Step 3 : Take out

The overmolded part is easily cooled and taken out manually, and tested immediately after molding.

Low pressure molding process

Low Pressure Injection Molding Process Video

Low Pressure Injection Molding System VS Potting and Sealing : What’s the Difference ?

The Low Pressure Injection Molding (LPM) Process is ideally suited to replace epoxy potting processes to save cycle time, labor cost, working space, and reduce material consumption with light weight and compact design, compared to the traditional potting process. We can compare LPM and Epoxy potting from the following:

● Environment Benefits

The materials of Low Pressure Molding (LPM) are natural adhesives, which are BPA-free, do not require UV curing ( which may cause skin cancer), and 100% recyclable, which also creates an efficient & comfortable working experience for the operators.

Low pressure molding benefits

● Economy Benefits

Low Pressure Molding (LPM) process saves labor cost , space for storage , material consumption , and total cycle time is only less than 1/10 compare to Epoxy potting process.

Low Pressure Injection Molding Process VS Potting and Sealing : What’s the Difference

● Performance Benefits

Low Pressure Molding System (LPM) with easier process to achieve waterproof, insulation, temperature resistance, flame retardant, vibration reduction ,and better bonding with various materials. which can support a compact lightweight product design with higher yield.

Low Pressure Overmolding Electronic Designs

When talking about Low Pressure Overmolding System, its waterproof molding solution is used widely for electronic parts design in various industries, such as medical care, smart city, automotive industry, ex: electric vehicles, 5 G applications, etc. All these solutions are energy-saving and automated, for industry 4.0 lean production.

Low Pressure Overmolding Electronic Designs

Low Pressure Overmolding Electronic Designs 

Low Pressure Molding Machines and Systems from KING’S

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