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DC Power Cord Two Ends Double VIMM with Rotary Table


  • Tie-bar less and big rotary design gives more space for operation. The cable hanger set up in the center of the rotary and out of the molding area, avoids any danger when workers insert the cables into the molds, more safe and efficient for production.
  • Multi station design, put in, takeout products and molding finish at the same time. Reduce the waiting time and the cost of production.
  • Energy saving design, known for cutting energy consumption by 31%and the productivity is 174% as compared to traditional machine.
  • Customization for different requirements of our customers' production.
  • According to customers' product, we can adopt and design the accessory equipment for the production convenience.
  • Screw is made according to plastic materials to be used and meet our customers' specialized needs in production. Enhance plasticizing rate and reduce molding defects.
  • We can customize machine with Multi-stations and Multi-injection units. We can use two stations and double injection units machine for the production (180 degrees back & forth). Production of two color (even more color) product, we can use more stations and more injection units molding machine with continuously rotary table.

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