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1. Global Leader in PET Preform Production Efficiency and Quality

Drinking water is an essential basic need in human life, and clean drinking water in offices is even more critical. Since 1983, KING's Solution Corp. has been dedicated to the development of high-quality equipment for producing PET preforms for bottled water. With over 40 years of experience in PET preform production, KING's continues to strive for excellence. It is one of the leading manufacturers of 5-gallon PET preforms worldwide.

KING's Solution offers complete solutions for large preform production, including raw material handling, drying equipment, color mixing machines, injection molding machines, molds, robotic arms, and blow molding machines. We are proud to introduce our KING's 5-Gallon PET preform injection molding machine, which features an 8X8 mold cavity (16 cavities) for high efficiency. Under appropriate conditions, each machine can produce approximately 7,000 to nearly 10,000 preforms per day, with an average defect rate of only 0.5%. Overall, we provide customers with high-quality preform products while saving production costs.

KING's adheres to the concept of "Green Solution" and is committed to reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions through its expertise. Our PET preform production process uses patented technology developed in-house, creating sustainable and ECO-friendly benefits for our customers. KING's is your trusted consultant for bottled water PET preform production equipment, dedicated to providing you with high-quality products and services.

2. Combining Valuable Mass Production Practical Experience

"Precision in quality is measured by calculations; parameter sources come from practical operations." This is the philosophy upheld by KING's founder, Bill Su. The company is deeply rooted in this belief and has turned it into practical action, accumulating rich practical experience through guidance in multiple international-level water plants. In addition, our factory itself has 10 years of preform mass production experience, a deep understanding of machine theory, and production parameters. Our machine design operates under the following five sustainability principles:

  • Choosing ECO-Friendly Product Lines: KING's Solution is committed to developing low-carbon production equipment, which is why we chose 5-gallon office bottled water plant equipment. These PET containers are not for single-use and can be recycled, helping customers become sustainability advocates.
  • Machine Efficiency and Optimization: We continuously gain experience and data from practical production to optimize the performance of injection molding machines, improve production efficiency, and preform quality, ensuring that our equipment produces high-quality products and helps customers achieve optimal production.
  • Energy Saving and Environmental Protection: KING's also focuses on reducing energy losses, reducing various waste in the production process, and seeking more durable and stable peripherals, parts, as well as green processing factories and suppliers.
  • Smart and Automated: We actively integrate Industry 4.0 technology, achieve smart monitoring, and automate production, incorporating IoT (Internet of Things) functions into the operator interface for convenience.
  • Customer Success and Support: KING's not only aims for customer satisfaction but emphasizes customer success, assisting in satisfying the value of customers' customers. We provide strong after-sales support to direct customers, ensuring the long-term operation of their equipment. Our goal is to innovate continuously in the PET preform production field and exceed customer expectations.

3. Outstanding Performance and Patented Design of KING's PET Injection Molding Machine

The quality of preforms is crucial for the successful blow molding of bottled water containers. Issues such as uniform wall thickness, eccentricity, uniform color, whitening of the bottle body, bubbles, and short preforms can lead to problems such as opacity, uneven wall thickness, and easy bursting of PET bottle bodies. Therefore, the quality of preforms is directly related to the quality of PET bottle blow molding.

KING's employs a unique vertical injection molding machine design. Based on years of practical experience, we are committed to optimizing parameters such as temperature control, injection speed, pressure values, melt temperature, screw speed control, cooling time, and cooling efficiency, along with the crucial direction of mold flow, ensuring even mold flow from bottom to top. This significantly enhances the quality of PET bottle blow molding. With several patented designs and key technologies mastered, KING's 5-Gallon preform injection molding machine boasts outstanding performance in the PET preform field, as detailed below:

  1. High Production Efficiency and Large Output: KING's PET preform injection molding machine is designed for high production efficiency and large capacity. Custom mold designs are available to meet your specific requirements, allowing you to address high market demand.
  2. Patented Design for Vertical and Horizontal Injection: KING's PET preform injection molding machine features a patented design with both vertical and horizontal screw injection. This design achieves PET plasticization and continuous filling through the interaction of the extrusion screw and two injection nozzles, ensuring uninterrupted injection process.
  3. Dual-Core Molds and Mold Cooling System: KING's PET preform injection molding machine is equipped with dual molds and saves 80% of mold cooling time through a mold cooling system. This ensures the stability of preform stress straightness and increases production efficiency.
  4. Automation and Robot Collaboration: KING's PET preform injection molding machine is equipped with an automated robot system, greatly improving production efficiency, reducing labor costs, and ensuring stable and precise operations.
  5. Low Injection Pressure: KING's PET preform injection molding machine breaks the limitations of low injection pressure. This helps reduce equipment wear and energy consumption while improving equipment durability.
  6. High-Strength Bottle Bodies for Bottled Water: PET preforms produced by KING's PET preform injection molding machine ensure uniform wall thickness to guarantee the robustness and durability of blow-molded PET bottled water containers for multiple reuse.
  7. High Transparency of PET Preforms: KING's PET preform injection molding machine achieves high transparency of PET preforms, ensuring excellent transparency of blow-molded PET bottled water containers, even when adding color masterbatches, maintaining stable color.
  8. Simultaneous Production of Multiple Preform Designs: KING's PET preform injection molding machine has the capability to simultaneously produce two different preform designs, providing greater production flexibility to meet various market demands.

In summary, KING's 5-Gallon PET preform injection molding machine combines advanced technology and patented designs to provide a solution for high-quality, high-efficiency, and automated PET preform production manufacturing.

4. Co-Creating Success, Choose KING's Solution to Grow Together

For the 5-gallon bottled water industry, the manufacture of PET preforms is crucial. In the modern PET product production chain, the PET preform injection molding machine is a critical tool. With KING's continuous technological advancements, our machines have become more efficient, precise, and integrated. KING's 5-Gallon PET preform injection molding machine boasts efficiency and quality with an 8X8 mold cavity (16 cavities), producing nearly ten thousand preforms per day under the right conditions while ensuring high-quality PET preforms; saving time and reducing operational costs, providing customers with a significant competitive advantage.

When investing in such machines, it's essential to consider not only their technical specifications but also the knowledge support and services provided by the equipment manufacturer. KING's is committed to helping customers achieve greater success in the 5-gallon bottled water business. Whether it's improving production efficiency, achieving excellent quality, reducing energy consumption and emissions, or implementing Industry 4.0 integration, KING's upholds its commitment to providing the best solutions, assisting in your business growth and success.

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