Multi-Color Injection Molding Machine

  • Multi station design, put in, takeout products and molding finish at the same time. Reduce the waiting time and the cost of production.
  • Energy saving design, known for cutting energy consumption by 31% and the productivity is 174% as compared to traditional machine.
  • Customization for different requirements of our customers' production.
  • According to customers' product, we can adopt and design the accessory equipment for the convenience in handling production line.
  • Screw is made according to plastic materials to be used and meet our customers' specialized needs in production. Enhance plasticizing rate and reduce molding defects.
  • We can customize machine with Multi stations and Multi injection units. We can use two stations and double injection units machine for the production (180 degrees back & forth). Production of two color (even more color) product, we can use more stations and more injection units molding machine with continuously rotary table.
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