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PET Preform Injection Molding Machine with 4 Cavity Mold

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KING’S SOLUTION CORP. acquired 18 years of 5-gallon PET preform production practice experience from KING'S MACHINERY ENGINEERING CORP. We provide the full process of Dehumidification Drying raw materials, quantitative additive color mixing machine, rapid and stable injection molding output of bottle preform, mold with 8+8 hot runners, rapid cooling robot mechanism, and the blowing bottle machine itself; Total production cost down with high productivity, and lowest blow bottle defect rate of only 0.5%.

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Providing high quality 5-gallon PET Preform skill, we promise to implant production technology into the customer's factory. In response to industry 4.0, KING’S will go across and focus on Big Data capabilities to develop production analytics data open to customers in the near future to form the unmanned factory.



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About Our Preform

PET Bottle VS PC Bottle :

Raw Material Cost Lower Higher
Delivery Cost Lower Higher
BPA Free Yes
DEHP Free Yes
Izod Impact Strength Better Worst

KING’S Preform VS Others Preform

  KING’S Others
Transparency Transparency Opaque
Blow rates 99% Unstable
Ingredient 100% New material Mixed material
Crystal No Crystal Crystalized
Inner Stress Low High
Length Short(Designed) Long
Defect product rate Low High
AA Low No control

The production of KING’S preforms using our specialized injection machine, planning from the drying of raw material, using the two-stage (2 stage) injection, design agencies such as vertical-clamping, temperature-controlled department of mining TSR Contactless controlled temperature more accurate match accumulator to increase the injection speed, special power-saving design 1 time saving power in the market.